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Sleepy Time Sound Machine - Get A Great Nights Sleep
Sleepy Time Sound Machine - Get A Great Nights Sleep
Sleepy Time Sound Machine - Get A Great Nights Sleep
Sleepy Time Sound Machine - Get A Great Nights Sleep
Sleepy Time Sound Machine - Get A Great Nights Sleep
Sleepy Time Sound Machine - Get A Great Nights Sleep
Sleepy Time Sound Machine - Get A Great Nights Sleep

Sleepy Time Sound Machine - Get A Great Nights Sleep

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Feel Great with a Good Nights Sleep

Weary parents know that getting a baby to fall asleep sometimes can be a exhausting. White noise and lullabies soothes your child, and helps them to fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep longer.  With 9 different types of sound to choose from this Sleep Time Sound Machine is perfect for baby and Parents.


If you are Tired of being Tired, there are many different sounds to fit your sleeping style. 

The different sounds featured in this white noise machine include:

  • white noise
  • wave sound
  • birdsong
  • waterfall
  • cricket sound
  • bicker
  • 3 lullabies
Choose one of these sounds to send you blissfully off to sleep.  There is nothing better than waking up rested and feeling good. Imagine how energized and ready to play you and your baby will be after a great nights sleep.


The Sleep Time Sound Machine is also Portable and makes a great travel companion especially in helping restless sleepers to settle into slumber when you are travelling or your child is having a sleep over with Grandparents.

Pick from multiple sounds to reduce the noise from outside, create a relaxing environment that induces sleep or meditation during yoga.  

White noise also helps those in the office to focus on work without being distracted from outside noises.

Why is White Noise recommended for good sleep?

White noise is effective for sleeping because it distracts the brain.  A completely quiet room may cause the person to stay alert, listening for any trace of sound. The sound of white noise gives the mind something to focus on without the distraction noise.
It also helps prevent sudden noises during the night from surprising and waking the sleeper.

Does White Noise and sounds help babies to fall asleep faster?
People have long known the benefits of white noise for babies. Historically weary parents have been taking infants for car rides or putting them on top of washing machines, hoping the sound and vibration will lull them to sleep. White noise helps babies fall asleep and stay asleep by providing a comforting noise and masking the many sounds that can startle and wake a baby.

How can I use White Noise in the Office?
White noise can improve concentration in the workplace. Workers with regular white noise are not tempted to talk or make their own noise to fill the quiet, and they can also more easily ignore sounds like other people’s phone calls or the hum of computer equipment. 

Is the White Noise machine portable and good for Travelling?
Take a white noise machine on the road, it can be a great way to reduce travel stress. People who find it impossible to sleep on a plane may have a totally different experience with a white noise machine, which can drown out plane engine sounds, crying babies and noisy, chattering passengers.

Once you arrive at your destination, soothing white noise can also help you get acclimated to, and fall asleep in, a strange hotel room. And, of course, white noise can help soothe a crying baby — often a big issue with young parents going on trips.



  • Non-Looping Natural Sounds. The sound machine for sleeping equipped with 9 High Fidelity smoothing non-looping and crystal clear sounds with no break. Include white noise, waves, rain sound, waterfall, crickets sound, birdsong and 3 lullaby sounds for soothing your baby. Sound machine allows you better to release the stress from life and work to have a quite sleep. Select the sound based on preference and need to create a relaxing and natural environment. Provide you the most comfortable list
  • Sleep Timer & Memory Function. Noise sound could be chosen to play music continuously no-stop the whole night. And there is an optional to automatically turn off the timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes to save energy. Easily adjust the white noise maker to the most suitable volume and knob. Be prepared to soothe. Which one to play when the device is turn off, and the next time it starts, it automatically plays the music on the last shutdown.
  • Soothing Night Light. White noise machine with baby soothing night light. Provides enough light for a parent or baby to see without waking. Lock function to prevent unintentional sound changes. Under the background of soft lighting and soothing sound, it can not only cover up the noise and improve the sleep quality, but also make you concentrate on your study or work. Apply to home, office, travel or wherever you want to have peace of mind.

  • Compact and Portable Design. Portable design-small and lightweight. It is easy to fit into a bag or suitcase and is the essential noise sound machine for traveling. It easily makes you to bring your sleep sound with you. While in an unfamiliar environment, the ideal creates a similar atmosphere for better sleep. The white noise machine has a built-in battery, and when the battery runs out, you can charge it using USB.
  • Improve Sleep Quality. Our white noise sound machine not only can mask noise to improve sleep quality, but also is ideal to make you focus on while you are studying or working. Suitable for using at home, office, dormitory, baby nursery and yoga studio or any place you would like to have peace of mind.


  • Rubber feet keeps unit in place
  • Small and Portable, so you can take it anywhere
  • Charging method: USB
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Use time: 36 hours

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Rechargeable Sleep Inducer / White Noise Machine
  • 1 x USB
  • 1 x Instruction manual

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